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Privacy Policy

Last reviewed: 1 December 2014

Centrepoint treats the privacy of members with the highest importance.  This policy details the measures Centrepoint takes to safeguard your privacy.

Regular updates of this policy will be made, requiring you to check back on this policy from time to time.  If a significant update is made, it is endeavoured for there to be a notice in Horizon to alert our membership, using reasonable means.

1. Information Collection by Centrepoint

Centrepoint will use the information you provide for processing your membership application and event registrations.  It is also used for internal processes, to improve Centrepoint services offered to its members.

1.1. Registration

In order to become a Centrepoint Member, it is necessary to first create an account on the Centrepoint website.  It is preferable if the account is in the name of the person that will use Centrepoint the most. If you require assistance to do this, there is usually someone at the Centrepoint Friday Coffee Morning who can assist you.
The Centrepoint Membership team will register your partner, indicated during the application process, in both the library and membership databases.  Please ensure you have their permission to give Centrepoint their name and email address.
If you would like to add additional family members to your standard membership, information about how to do this will be sent to you upon request.
To create an account, a member must provide the following information: unique email address (required), full name, full postal address, contact phone number, gender, nationality and first language.  You will also have the opportunity to add the name and email address of your partner. 
During the application process you will also need to select whether you want a paper or electronic version of the Horizon newsletter.
By registering to join Centrepoint you are acknowledging that you will be automatically subscribed to receive emails sent out by the membership database administrators and the library database administrators.   These are necessary to send out the electronic Horizon newsletter, invite you to events and keep you informed about Centrepoint.  You can change the email settings by logging onto the website and editing your profile. 
Once the registration process has been completed you will be emailed a password.  You will be able to log onto the website using your email address and this password, although full access to the website will not be available until after we have processed your payment.  It is possible to change your password once you have logged onto the website.
A member’s password is never visible to any other member of Centrepoint or any third party.  It is however possible for an administrator to change your password; you would be sent an automatic email if this happened.  If you forget your password it is possible for you to request a new password via the website.
2. Sharing Personal Data

2.1. Sharing Personal Data with Other Members of Centrepoint 
Depending on a member’s individual chosen privacy settings, profile information that a member submits to Centrepoint may be available to other Centrepoint members.  In order to provide Centrepoint’s services the library volunteers and desk volunteers are able to see contact information for members, but cannot search the information or send bulk emails.  At the present time only a limited number of people have access to the membership database.  All library volunteers, desk volunteers and database administrators have signed a confidentiality agreement and require access to perform their roles.
2.2. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties
Centrepoint does not share any member’s personal or other information with any third party individuals or organisations.  At no point is the information held by Centrepoint made available to any other organisation or individual, with the exception of law enforcement with the relevant warrants.
2.3. Changing or Removing Information

Access and control over personal information is readily available through the profile editing tools on the Centrepoint website, with the exception of the mandatory information required.  If you require information in one of the mandatory fields to be changed, the Centrepoint Membership team should be contacted.
2.4. Leaving Centrepoint

On a member leaving Centrepoint all information that they provided is held dormant for a period of 10 years to comply with Swiss legislation.  This information is protected from any access by any third party, with the exception of law enforcement with the relevant warrants.
2.5. Storage of Personal Information

When you submit your personal information on the Centrepoint website online or by any other electronic communication, you agree to the transfer and storage of that information for storage and processing.  Information submitted by you is stored on secure servers.  However, transmission of that data over the internet is never guaranteed with regard to safety: it is impossible to guarantee your safety with regard to safety with electronic data and online transmission, it is therefore at your own risk if you elect to transmit any data.  You are responsible for keeping your password confidential and changing your password at the very minimal interval, i.e. every year (every six months or more frequently is best practice).

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