Vernissage: Russian Witches

11 Jun 2019 18:00 | Anonymous

Unlike the witches in Western Europe, witches in Russia were considered part of society - sometimes under scrutiny of the government or followed by the police, but never subjected to a witch hunt.  Perceived as the ones who know more, who are in charge, who can help with the pursuit of knowledge or in determining an appropriate punishment. 

Three Russian artists, Lyudmila Baronina, Alina Glazoun and Ustina Yakovleva together with guest curator Yulia Grachikova, are part of the current generation of women who are now presenting a new approach to this world of exploration and understanding.  Working with different types of contemporary mythology and knowledge, these "Russian Witches" will transform the ArtWall corridor with their artwork for a week in June during ArtBasel.

More information about this exhibition can be found on page 5 of Horizon magazine.

The Vernissage will be on Tuesday 11th June.  During the first week of the Three Witches ArtWall, in addition to our regular opening hours, the front desk will be manned from 17:00 on Wednesday and Friday and from 11:00 - 13:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

In the second week, Centrepoint will be open at normal times.

Come and join us for the opening of our special exhibition.  Entry is free to members and their family and friends.  

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