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Centrepoint is a volunteer run organisation.  All of the events, conversation groups, clubs, as well as the Library, newsletter and Centrepoint itself are organised, run and staffed by our Members.

There are many advantages to volunteering, not least that of building friendships with other Members and being able to use skills in order to help others.  As an organisation with Members from many different nationalities, the Conversation Groups are a wonderful way to share not only the language but also the culture of our homelands with other Members.

All skills and interests can find a home in Centrepoint, from administration skills in the staffing of the Front Desk to providing a talk on zoology as one of our activities.  Games, crafts, interest in art, history, culture, parenting, and social gatherings are all covered by volunteers – if you can’t find what you like, start your own group!

For some of our Members volunteering can help fill a gap in a career path, whilst for others it is a chance to indulge an interest with like-minded people.

We organise at least one social event for volunteers each year.  During this event awards are presented to those volunteers marked out for special recognition due to their contribution to Centrepoint.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an e-mail to us at centrepoint[at] to discuss opportunities.

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